Galadriel (_ladyofthewood_) wrote in middle_rp_earth,

Troubling vision.....

I wondered to my mirror to see just how Legolas fairs. He has left Vorladien and the children behind to go and speak with his father.

I looked in the mirror and saw an image that trobles my mind. I saw Legolas along the walking along the Anduin towards Mirkwood. Soon the image changed and there was another elf in the picture. Thranduil. He was speaking with Legolas it looked like for I could not hear.

I feel Legolas has gone to his father's aid. I do not wish to believe it but that is as I fear. I also fear Arwen has had a vision and is riding to Mirkwood to speak with Legolas.

This will devastate my dear Daughter and I do not wish to see how Haldir shall react. Celeborn will be a hard one to understand how he feels on the matter. My main concern right now is for the people of Lothlorien and my daughter and her children. Though I feel the time for me to ride to Mirkwood draws ever nearer. I shall ride in a few days time after I'm sure Vorladien and the children are safe.

My hope is that Luthien will watch over us all and protect Legolas and bring Tharnduil to his senses and let him figure out that fighting amongst the elven kingdoms is not the way to go.
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