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A good thing.... and yet how could this happen....

The birth was the most painful thing i had ever experienced in my entire life. I felt as if my stomach was tortured by a balrog....my entrails being ripped apart by claws... but the pain and everything was well worth it... for my two children....Altimë, my daughter.. and Estel... my son. They are my pride and joy.. I never felt more protective and loving of them than i do now...

My husband was holding Estel, rocking him gently, then when he laid him down next to his sister, he came to my bedside to kiss my forehead. "Thank you melithril." he whispered quietly to me."

I blinked quietly, surprise filling my eyes, "What do you mean melamin?" I asked him softly as I put a blanket over Altime and Estel; looking up at him with surprise.

He sat next to my bedside, and with the most passion and caring i had ever felt in his kiss, he leaned over and kissed me softly. "You gave me everything i could ever have wanted... I wanted to say thank you..."

I felt my mind was abuzz with emotion as i smiled, "Go... you have a meeting with haldir and my father..." I reminded him quietly, "We have much to discuss about the coming war...."

Legolas sighs, "Yes.. I know. I shall have guards posted at the doors.... and i will return as fast as possible..." he kissed me deeply again as he gazed deep into my eyes, "Amin mela lle... melithril...." he told me softly.

I smiled, pushing him out the door, "I will not deal with you being late and angering my father... " and just before he left, I yelled out, "Amin mela lle melamin...." I watched him blow me a kiss as he left.

As I was sitting around... I looked and saw Galatea come to my room. She did not open the door, but i could feel her outside of it. “Mani? Tula..” Vorladien’s still slightly exhausted voice calls out, bidding Galatea into the room, benighted to the danger lingering so close to her.

Wiping a smirk off her lips at Legolas not being present, Galatea slowly enters the room, closing the door behind her and smiling warmly.

"Vedui', mellonamin.”

A light smile plays at Vorladien’s features as she motions for Galatea to come sit beside her on the bed. “What brings you here to fair Lórien, arwenamin?” I asked curiously, for I did not know that it would be that soon before she came to see me....

Stifling the urge to bring out both daggers and rip them through my pale skin, I could see Galatea merely shifts her glance around the room, I could see she could not see my children...

“Simply to check in on you, pen neth.”

Something about her all too coy words and shifty personality bring me to inch backward slowly in her bed, staring hard at the woman before her. There was something else that seemed....wrong about her... something....dark.

A light movement from one of the children causes Galatea to rapidly look in their direction, and I could see that she was not breathing for a moments time. Turning around and kneeling beside the cradles, she smiles tenderly at the twins and then to Vorladien who seems to relax finally.

Galatea resumes her sitting position on the bed after a moment, touching a gentle hand to Vorladien’s face and trailing it down to her neck, gripping it tightly in one swift choke.

“Mani nae la umien!?” Her gaze is fierce, holding Vorladien tightly as she struggles ineffectively. "Letting that man corrupt you like this!!"

I felt my voice begin to choke as i gripped her hand around my throat, “Tampa!! Tanya awra!! Saes!” I pleaded with her, when she finally loosened her hold on my neck, I stopped as I punched her to let me go, and tried to move for the door.

Quickly unsheathing a dagger from one boot, Galatea’s façade vanishes, giving way to her feral, violent nature. My eyes were wide in shock, but upset in seeing that she was taking this path of way....

Having heard the commotion, a guard opened the door lightly, peeking around the corner, “Arwenami—Mani?!” Latching onto Galatea from behind and grasping her in a choke, he looked to me, his eyes full of shock and surprise."Arwenamin, Are you all right?"

Uuma dela; I am fine.” I told the guard... rubbing my neck in a slight pain.

I looked to Galatea, my eyes full of pity and sorrow. “I thought you had changed, wethrinaer, but I was proven wrong.”

Her gaze turns back to the guard, speaking slowly, her strength drained, “Sana he.” I heard her choke out...

Snarling to the command, Galatea gives a final struggle from the choke, bending down and grasping the dagger, thrusting it forward into my thigh with a wicked glare. I couldnt stop feeling the pain like the arrow in my ankle as she tore a wicked gash in my leg.

Reacting quickly, the guard grabbed Galatea by the back of her neck, pulling her up and thrusting his own dagger into the back of her arm, pulling her out of the room and biding another guard to fetch help for me...

I stumbled on my bed, the blood oozing deeply out of my leg and onto my bed sheets, My babies were crying, but my leg hurt too much to do anything and walk...

My mother rushed into the room, and to my side. "My daughter...." was all she could say, her eyes held just the slightest amount of worry and pain.

I felt my voice weak from Galatea trying to choke me, and my bloodloss as it stained our bedsheets. "Forgive me mother... I had not known she would turn....." I whispered softly.

My mother shook her head, and ordering maidens to take care of the children... she healed my leg with the prayers of old.. and my wound grew to a lesser one, as we bandaged my leg.

Erestor, who had always taken such a protective stance for me.. staying in Lorien thanks to his mothers worry for me rushed into the room, "Arwenamin...Mani...?!?" he said worried and in a rush.

Galadriel stopped him, "She is all right child... go to the war meeting....pretend as if nothing happened... and tell nothing of this to any of them... especially her husband... we shall deal with this later."

Erestor looked at me with worry, but i shook my head, "Listen to her lady-ship my nephew... for I shall be all right." I kissed his forehead. "Now Go."

Erestor nodded and left in a rush. I sighed. What would my father do or say... more importantly.. what will my husband wish to do to galatea after this....
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