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The INACTIVE Middle Earth RP's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The INACTIVE Middle Earth RP

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[12 Apr 2003|02:59pm]

OOC: Hey everybody, I'm dropping in to say that I'm leaving the community. I've only made one post so far & I can't think of a darn thing to write, so I figured I should give up my character to someone who's more capable of writing for her. Oh yeah, & I'm playing Éowyn. Sorry for leaving, & I wish everyone a good time in future postings!

~Agaru Tindomerel~
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[13 Mar 2003|08:59am]

[ mood | betrayed ]

I had never felt my heart collapse in my chest as I had felt that moment that I felt my heart fall.... I had seen it all in my dreams.... but I had never felt so lost... betrayed.... filled with fear... when I awoke to Haldir entering my room, handing me a letter from Thranduil, his face so filled with anger....

"It is from Mirkwood.... Legolas has betrayed us and gone to the side of his father....."

I stood there.... my heart filled with a mix of betrayal.... and non acceptance.... "No... nononono NO onoro.... my melethril wouldnt do this..... HE WOULDNT DO THIS TO ME!!!!" I screamed, covering my face in my hands, shivering deeply, I felt him take me into his arms, holding me so closely, tightly.....as he used to before... as I sobbed into my hands.... I couldnt take it anymore..... It couldnt be true.... could it? Could legolas have betrayed our family... our love?

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OOC leaving... [09 Mar 2003|06:17pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I regret to inform you that this is the end. I'll be going now. Good bye.

Sorry all. It's gotten too busy around here for the longest time. I kept thinking that maybe I'd get the time to come back and play more... but it's just not happening. Had to get a second job and scholl work's bogging me down. It was great being Celeborn for you all for a while. I'll miss everyone. Come bother me on AIM sometime if I'm ever around. Take care of yourselves.


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Troubling vision..... [09 Mar 2003|05:28pm]

I wondered to my mirror to see just how Legolas fairs. He has left Vorladien and the children behind to go and speak with his father.

I looked in the mirror and saw an image that trobles my mind. I saw Legolas along the walking along the Anduin towards Mirkwood. Soon the image changed and there was another elf in the picture. Thranduil. He was speaking with Legolas it looked like for I could not hear.

I feel Legolas has gone to his father's aid. I do not wish to believe it but that is as I fear. I also fear Arwen has had a vision and is riding to Mirkwood to speak with Legolas.

This will devastate my dear Daughter and I do not wish to see how Haldir shall react. Celeborn will be a hard one to understand how he feels on the matter. My main concern right now is for the people of Lothlorien and my daughter and her children. Though I feel the time for me to ride to Mirkwood draws ever nearer. I shall ride in a few days time after I'm sure Vorladien and the children are safe.

My hope is that Luthien will watch over us all and protect Legolas and bring Tharnduil to his senses and let him figure out that fighting amongst the elven kingdoms is not the way to go.
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Chasing a Dream [08 Mar 2003|01:31pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I awoke that night in a cold terror. Was my mind playing a joke on me,or was this serious. I dared not take any chances. I leapt from bed the horrifying images playing over and over in my mind. How could it be? Legolas and Thranduil together? A father and son torn apart by true love now re-united?

'No...something is wrong here...' I muttered that phrase to myself over and over in the dark as I hastily put on my riding dress.

By dawn I had slipped out of the house and was riding into the dense woods, with only my intuition guiding me. If what I had dreamt was truth then I had to get to Mirkwood and find Legolas before it was too late.
As the sun rose over the trees my methril bracelet glinted in the light and I prayed that Luthien could help me decipher what my sub-concious was trying to tell me.
My sense of urgency grew as the day wore on...something was comming or had already happened, that feeling of confusion overwhelmed me as I stopped by a crystal stream for a rest.
Suddenly the images flicked through my mind again..
Legolas and Thranduil standing at odds..
then heading together to Mirkwood.
It hadn't been long ago that they were here and I knew I was on the right track....

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A Father's Love [08 Mar 2003|12:11pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I walked along the Anduin again, once more trekking towards Mirkwood, my mind filled with guilt and anguish. How could I leave my wife there when I promised her I would stay? How could I be so selfish? I couldn't turn back now and not be called a coward for the rest of my life, but at this point, what did I care about what "title" I was given? What did it matter anymore?

Sighing, I sit at the edge of the water and looked out, my daggers clutched tightly in my hand. Everything was still, quiet...for a moment...

Soon, I heard the trotting of three horses coming up behind me. They were quite near and as I sat I poised waiting. The sound of footsteps dismounting from their horses and soft marching towards me... Still, I waited, until the moment when I felt that the time was right, then I swiftly whipped back my arm. "Honestly you didn't think you could sneak up on an el-" My words were interrupted as my slice was blocked by a crystal-clear clang of a sword. Slowly I turned around, sensing the worst, turned around...

To see the smirking face of my father.

"Hello, Son..."

I said nothing, just held my daggers in defensive. There were two guards with him, both who seemed uninterested in what was going on. My father didn't want to fight, I could tell.

"Thranduil.. What do you want?" I hissed.

"I could ask you the same thing, Legolas. This is not your territory"

I narrowed my eyes and looked into his. "I know this..." was all I could manage to say.

He looked me over, studying my face, then slowly let down his sword, sheathing it. Seeing that I was not moving, he started laughing in a manner that resembled me in more ways than I could imagine. "Come now, my child, I mean you no harm! Now, let down your weapons and we shall discuss things."

I don't know what it was about him, but he seemed different to me, more familiar, and a sudden feeling of guilt. It was then that I realized that I missed my father, missed his love, his faith in me. I felt like a lost child, crying out for his parents, not know where to go or where to look to find them. I put the daggers back in it's sheaths and slowly approached my father.

"Now, Legolas, why is it that you have returned?"

"I..." I looked down at the grass for a moment then back up. "I... I wanted to join you..."

My father's face suddenly went from solemn to proud. His large blue eyes lit up and he held his hand to me. "Oh, Son, I knew you would come to your senses eventually! Of course, join us and we shall give the Rats of Lothlorien a taste of our strength! Welcome home, Legolas!" And with that he hugged me, tightly, lovingly, but my mind was not at ease.

What did I just say?!

"Father... Please don't hurt her..." I squeaked.

He pulled away from me and gazed at me in confusion. "Hurt who?"

"...my wife... my children... Don't hurt them...." My stomach turned in my stomach and I looked away, not sure of exactly what I was doing or why I was doing it.

My father gave no answer and merely patted me on the shoulder. "We will have plenty of time to discuss these matters. Now, come... Your old chamber awaits..."

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[24 Feb 2003|12:00am]

[ mood | angsty ]

Things havent changed that much lately.... But I have felt such a pain wrench my heart... I havent known what to do...

I havent been able to smile over things....

Merry and Pip have tried to cheer me up,... but its been hard.... i dont know what to do...

Where could Sam be at the time like this.......

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*Stares at it at shock....* [10 Feb 2003|08:42pm]

[ mood | betrayed ]

He didnt........he really didnt......

He left.... after he promised to be with me throughout this war.... he left me.......

I felt my children crying, and went to them, picking them up in my arms..... and crying... I threw the letter in the air and tossed one of my daggers, sticking the note in the door. I cradled them and cried....

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Unlikely Assassin [06 Feb 2003|06:08am]

[ mood | determined ]

Vorladien has been distancing herself, spending much of her time with her parents. The war is just over the horizon and it has caused both of us an incredible amount of stress, so I let her go. At times, though, I can not help but feel a bit worried and isolated, for, where am I for her and I fear that her fear of me leaving is taking her away from me.

No, no, Legolas, what are you saying? She loves you...You love her...

I love her... And I refuse to lose her, but my mind is riddled with thoughts of my father. *sighs* He is destroying my life and the life of everyone around me and if I have to stop him myself, I will.

I am packed and ready to depart. As of now, no one knows of my leaving except for my two children, to whom I have left a lock of my hair in case something happens to me. To my wife, I left a note...

Melethril -

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to Mirkwood. Yes, I know that I said that I would stay with you and the children, but this must be done. My father has destroyed all that I hold dear, and what he hasn't destroyed, he is going to eventually. He sent Galatea to murder you and that has not left my mind. His treachery runs deeper now and if I have to stop him now I will.

My Light, I love you more than words can describe. I hope you know this, but for your safety as well as our children's I go to face my father. Whether or not I return is in the hands of the Valar now and our love for eachother. Our children both hold a lock of my hair, clenched tightly in their little fists. They will grow up strong and happy, whether I be there to guide them or not. You are a strong woman, Vorladien. You have survived so much. You can survive this.

I just hope I can...

Do not, please do not send ayone to come find me or save me. No other lives should be lost and this is something between my father and I.

I love you, My Light, My darling wife. You have given me so much more than I could have ever imagined, made me so much more the elf than I was before you came into my life. You are always on my mind and in my heart. Take care, my lover....

Your melethril,


Will she send someone after me, will she pursue me herself? I don't know...

But what must be must be...

And what must be done, must be done...

Farewell, my love... Onward I go, to Mirkwood...

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There is a change in the air and I fear it is not for the better. [04 Feb 2003|10:03am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Vorladien and Legolas are well and so are the children. I have not seen nor spoken with my dear Celeborn. I do hope he is well. Celeborn has been distant. He is constantly worrying about Thranduil and his war. I do not know if he has seen nor is aware of his grandchildren as of yet. Though he is worried about his Daughters, he is more worried that our woods do not fall.

I fear our land may be at risk. We need to be strong. The woods and people of Lothlorien need to hold strong now more than ever.

I feel Thranduil is planning something big. The gaurds are working harder along the borders of our land to protect it. May the grace of the Valor protect us all. I have faith in our gaurds under the fine leadership of Haldir. I know his men shall protect us. They shall not fail. I wish Vorladien and the children and Arwen would leave and go to Rivendell but I know they will not. Vorladien shall not leave Legolas and Legolas shall not leave. He will help protect our woods.

I still believe there is some good in Thranduil and if I could only speak with him he would see that this is not the way to do things. I think I shall prepare to leave shortly within the next day or so. Vorladien is well again, the children are born and helathy. Now is the time for me to speak with Thranduil to make him understand.

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For..him *looks down, shamefully* [03 Feb 2003|07:32pm]

[ mood | confused ]


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OOC [03 Feb 2003|01:01pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Guys, I'm really truly sorry...but I'm not gonna rp here anymore...I haven't been keeping up with it and although I loved rp-ing with you guys while I did...I just can't keep up and therefore am giving up my character. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for letting me be a part of this :)

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[03 Feb 2003|11:38am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Would it be forever before someone decided what was to be done about Eomer? The waiting was driving him mad, and Theodred had to deal with it daily. It had almost gotten to the point where he was about to smuggle Eomer out of the hall and down to the stables just so he didn't have to put up with the sighs of annoyance and muttered death threats to Grima anymore.

And personally, Theodred failled to see what good it was doing anyone keeping Eomer here while Grima was most likely causing Theoden to completly forget about Eomer and the state he was in now... His father...there was another thing to worry about, if Theodred was prone to falling into dark thoughts anyway.

But for the moment, he had to carry on. He couldn't do what he would have liked to have to done to Grima whom he knew had caused the king to change so, and he couldn't let Eomer do it either...but keeping his cousin from carrying out the threats was no easy task either.

And there was still the captain from Gondor to speak to of the situation in the mark...Theodred hated to lie, but obviously needed to come up with some excuse...perhaps it would come to him now...

Eomer paced along the corridor, bored out of his mind. His confinement seemed to be going on forever and nothing had yet been decided. He hated this being cooped up inside four walls, would rather have been back in the East Mark with his men, or failing that, at least on the grounds with Firefoot.

Firefoot, Eomer sighed, thinking of what a mess the horse would be, by the time he actually got back to him. And you couldn't exactly explain things like this to a horse either. Not that he hadn't made Theodred try...

What had been tried, Eomer knew not. His cousin's patience maybe... Eomer was starting to sense that he was on Theodred's last nerve, along with other things, but somehow found himself unable to keep from expressing his frustrations to the only person who would bother to listen to him now. Even if it wound up killing them both which from the look in Theodred's eyes wouldn't take much...

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[02 Feb 2003|06:18pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Voices in the hallway draw closer and closer. Luthien’s heart beats slightly faster than normal; the only outward sign of any nervousness is in the slight clench and quick relaxation of her hands on the wine tray she holds.

A group of Elves bursts through the door, decidedly un-Elf like in their decorum. They are arguing heatedly as they seat themselves around the table. Thranduil takes his seat at the head of the assembly, absently motioning for Luthien to serve them as he does so.

Now that she is closer him, she can see the details she missed while watching Thranduil from the back of the Audience Chamber.

She seems intent on pouring the wine, smoothly, carefully, as if she had done it every day in her life. But as the wine trickles into the goblets the words fill her ears, and it is only by chance that the liquid finds its way into the glasses as her attention wavers in shock.

“…the borders are clear. When shall we march, Sire?”

Thranduil considered for a moment, studying the goblet in his hand. “We will march on Lothlorien at the next full moon,” he said, meeting the eyes of every Elf seated around him, one after the other.

Yet it is not his words that cause Luthien’s hand to tremble, and spill a drop of wine onto the table top. Annoyed, Thranduil looks up at her.

“I am sorry, my Lord,” she murmurs, quickly cleaning up the small mess. His eyes linger on her face for a moment more before turning back to his commanders, yet her gaze doesn’t stray from his forehead.

Thranduil is wearing a crown. Of beautiful Elvish craftsmanship, intricately swirling across his noble forehead. Not unusual, in and of itself. When Vorladien and Legolas journeyed to Imladris, she had seen Lord Elrond wearing one that was quite similar. But Thranduil’s is made, not of gold or mithril, but of iron…

Abruptly Thranduil rises, causing the other Elves to hastily scramble to their feet. With an incline of his head, Thranduil turns and leaves the small chamber, followed in ranking order by his councillors.

They are marching on Lorien. They are going to war. Elves against Elves…

Leaving the tray on the table, she walks out into the now-empty hall. Distracted, she walks down another hallway, her quick steps at odds with the sluggishness of her mind. War. The word has not yet sunken in. Her feet move faster and faster, running away from the shadows that now seem to lurk around every corner.

How do I get out of here…?

Turning a corner, she slams into someone, her momentum not allowing for a sudden stop. Wincing, she looks up into Thranduil’s face.

“My lady?” he asks, the ice in his voice not entirely masked by the considerate words. I gulp, searching for some excuse. There isn’t one, I think, there is no excuse for smashing headlong into a king.

His eyes are colder than his voice, if that is at all possible. Everything about him is cold.

I look away. What can I do? I am sure where this ice comes from, although I do not know how I know.

His hand grips my arm suddenly, so hard that I am sure he will leave bruises. “Please, lady, tell me what ails you,” he is saying, leaning closer menacingly.

“My Lord…” my voice is barely a whisper, and I curse it for failing me when I need it most. Before I can stop myself, I raise a hand to his face, caressing his cheek and pushing his hair back as if I were a lover. The tip of my finger touches his diadem.

Unbelieveable pain shoots up my arm, and I wrench myself out of his grasp. The world begins to spin around me, flooding my senses with pain, with memories. I can feel my carefully held illusion shatter, revealing my true form to the one person from whom, above all, I wanted to escape discovery. It hurts. From far away I her a scream, and as the world fades to black, I wonder if its myself I hear.

Thranduil stares in astonishment at the woman at his feet. In the space of a few seconds her hair has darkened from the radient blonde of his people to a dark, soft brown. A moment ago he couldn’t have recalled her face, and now he wondered how he could have missed such distinctive features. Frowning, he lifts her into his arms and carries her down the hallway. He would interrogate her when she woke. Until then, he had more pressing matters to attend to.

Luthien flickered in and out of consciousness for two days. The maidens who stood as her attendants and guards exchanged worried glances over her bed- Elves didn’t take sick, but it was not unknown for them to die of broken hearts, and Luthien’s delusional behavior was eerily similar to that of one who had suffered some great blow to the heart.

Towards evening on the second day, she had finally fallen into a deep, heavy sleep. Shaking their heads, her wardens extinguished the lights and left her.

In the darkness Luthien’s pale eyes sprang open, staring into the shadows of the ceiling.

I remember.

She felt heavy, empty. No emotion flickered across her face.

I can remember everything now.

My mother, Melian, a Maia, my father, Thingol, king of Doriath, a realm so great that Mirkwood is but a shadow of it.

My beloved Beren; a mortal whose fate I chose to share. Our quest, our adventures, our life together. I can see the other lives I have lived, although those images are shadowed and veiled. Yet I know that he was ever by my side.

Memory is the greatest gift and the greatest curse, I tell the ceiling. It has no wisdom to impart to me.

My right hand is still numb from the touch of Thranduil’s crown. I smile bitterly. No, not Thranduil’s crown.

Morgoth’s crown.

How he came by this artifact I am not sure. There is no dobut in my mind that it was placed convieniently in his path by one of Sauron’s agents. Although his Master is locked into the Abyss, I know that the Dark Lord is not above using such a tool to undermine the strength of his enemies. After all, why waste resources to destroy your opponents, if you can get them to destroy each other?

A sudden thought slams like lightning into my head.


I swing my legs over the side of the bed. I must warn them. Thranduil’s army is leaving Mirkwood at the next full moon- how long does it take to walk to Lothlorien? A week, with a full army? I have to get back there in time. They must know that Thranduil is not in his right mind, and has become a puppet of the Dark Lord.

They have locked the door, but it is a simple mechanism, opened with a word of magic. The corridor outside of the room is empty, stretching out in either direction. I have no idea how to get out of this underground city.

A torch directly across from me wavers in a draft, and I head left down the hallway, following the source of the draft. An iffy plan, but the only one I’ve got.

Thankfully I don’t have far to go. A deepset window looks out into an empty garden, and I crawl through it, glad to be once more in the night air, grinning as I make a dash for the woods.

My horse is still in the clearing where I left her, slightly antsy but otherwise unharmed and well-rested. I slip the bridle over her head and mount, wheeling her out of the trees and back onto the road, pushing her toward Lothlorien at a full gallop.

I must warn them in time!

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So Many Questions and No Answers [31 Jan 2003|06:08pm]

[ mood | confused ]

My mind has been plagued with horrible images; visions of my own death, one that is sure to come if I fight in this war. I know this, my wife knows this, and that is why both of us have decided to stay. I have too much to live for now. My duty is now to be with my family, my wife and children, and I will fight only if the fight comes to us. I know I will be labeled a coward by some, noble by others, but none of it matters.

Vorladien is happy, I am happy and I refuse to change that.

What Celeborn feels, I do not know. Vorladien reassures me that he will agree, but I will always have a fear of being out of favor with him. He is the closest thing I have to a father now. Thranduil and his kingdom are my enemy now and I am not sad by this.

I wonder how he is though, where his mind is. He used to be so calm, sensible, albeit materialistic. What happened to cause such a change? Why has he fallen into darkness? How could he be so weak?

Will I be like him and betray my family as he betrayed his?

So many questions and no answers...

And so little time to answer them.

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[29 Jan 2003|02:33pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Heading steadily northeast, Luthien made her way through the wild towards Mirkwood. Her horse fairly flew over the ground, its hooves scarcely seeming to touch the earth.

She made good time, but the lonely miles left her too much time to argue with herself.

She will be safe in Lothlorien, the larger part of her mind knew. But there was still that nagging doubt in the back of her brain; that something was dreadfully wrong. Twice she slowed the horse, turned southwards in an agony of indecision.

Do I keep going? Do I go back?

Finally she had decided to continue on towards Mirkwood, knowing that whatever danger Vorladien was in paled in comparison to what might come from Legolas’s homeland.

As the moon rose above the trail on the third evening of her journey, she came into sight of the vast forest of Mirkwood. The great trees stretched their branches into the heavens, the last lingering light of the sunset tinting their leaves with crimson. In the forest itself, all was dark and still.

“Well, Cua,” she sighed, patting the neck of the sleek chestnut mare, “We’re here.”

The trees closed in over their heads as they cantered down the one trail that led into the forest. Drawing her cloak closer around her shoulders, Luthien whispered words that seemed to merge them with the shadows, if not make them exactly invisible.

They traveled for hours in the odd darkness, not knowing if the night had yet passed. She supposed it had, judging by the occasional flash of light from the roof of the forest, but none of the sun’s golden rays penetrated the foliage.

Searching the road ahead of her, she found no signs that the forest was inhabited by anyone at all. Yet the deeper she went, the more she could feel the presence of life around her. On the left, light and on the right, darkness, but nevertheless she knew she was no longer alone. Turning Cua, she trotted into the trees at the left side of the path.

Luthien dismounted near a small stream, removing Cua’s bridle. She knew the horse would not stray far in her absence, and she did not expect to be gone for long, a day or so at most. Then she moved off into the trees, heading for Thranduil’s stronghold.

Hidden by the branches of a sprawling oak tree, Luthien watched the Elves as they moved about the clearing. At one end was the entrance to Thranduil’s underground palace. Quickly she pulled her hood up over her head, casting another spell as she did so. Now her features were vague; any Elf who saw her would think that they had seen someone they knew, but she would pass too quickly for them to be sure. As an extra precaution, her hair had lightened to blonde- it would not last long, but the illusion would be enough to get her close enough to Thranduil to spy on him.

The guards do not stop me as I approach the entrance, just look curiously and murmur “m’lady” as I bid them good evening and walk past.

I’m not entirely sure of where to find Thranduil, and I cannot ask anyone. My mission here depends on the fact that I blend into the background, as one who has lived here for many long years. It might be difficult, but I know enough of this Elven King to know that he is probably in the largest audience hall, holding court in all the earthly splendor he can gather about him.

The Throne Room is not easy to miss, and I find that my suspicions were correct. I take a place near the back wall, standing near a group of women but not near enough to arouse their suspicion. The Hall is filled with Elves, talking amongst themselves, listening to their King, presenting him with problems to solve. All in all it seems like a normal situation, but I can feel that there is something amiss.

Studying his face, I can see the that he shares Legolas’s fierceness, but has none of his son’s compassion. Fleetingly I wonder what his mother is like.

Glancing around, I can see that other than the door I entered through there is only one other exit, a small doorway just to the left of the ornate throne. I head towards it, guessing (and hoping) that this is where Thranduil will go after he is finished with his audience.

I slip through the door, unnoticed. The door glides shut silently behind me, and I find myself in a short hallway. There is only one other door at the end, and I head through it into a smaller version of the Great Hall I just left.

It is beautifully decorated, lit with starlight captured in cleverly placed mirrors to ease the fact that there are no windows in this underground stronghold. I am not alone, but the other Elves pass me by, accepting my presence there as if I have been among them for an age. Good, I think to myself.

Suddenly a tray with goblets and a carafe of garnet colored wine are pushed into my hands. The woman who has handed them to me glares at me before pushing me towards another door.

“Remember, do not leave until he dismisses you,” she hisses at me. “His Majesty likes to be served promptly.”

“I know, I know,” I tell her with feigned exasperation, trying to sound annoyed enough to cover my surprise. I needed to get close to him to hear his plans, but this is quite the unexpected windfall.

The room I find myself in is small, sparsely appointed. A round table is surrounded by several chairs, simply ornamented. Two long Elvish knives are crossed on the wall, and I recognize them as the same type that Legolas carried.

I move backward into the shadows created between the door and the wall, wondering how long I have to wait until Thranduil arrives. From the level of noise in the outer chamber, I don’t think it will be very long.

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How can things happen... Why is the Light at Risk... [25 Jan 2003|07:54pm]

[ mood | angry ]

I have been in Lorien since my Aunt has returned. It was the request of my mother to stay here... in case anything were to happen with her. I know she wished to return to Imladris to spend time with my father... and I Can understand. I owe my life to my aunt... and i will not leave her side at a time like this.

I spent quite a bit of time in the forests with Rumil, Orophin and Haldir; discussing about the safety of the light. And I told the three of the twins birth.

It was the first time I had seen Haldir smile in centuries. "I see...when i am relieved of my watch.. I shall have to see her and the children..."

I had to bring myself to give a slight chide, "Then you will behave around Legolas then, am I right?"

I saw his face go stone cold again, but sighs, "He is not his father... but it does not mean i have to completely like and agree with him..." he said in defense.

I laughed. I knew of the relationship of Glorfindel and Haldir. I knew that he would be ashamed if i were to mention it... but I decided not to say anything.

I felt a stabbing pain hit my heart... the fear and anger was echoing through the trees.

Haldir was the second to feel it as well, then Rumil and orophin... I bid them all to stay here... and i took off for the castle. I yelled i would meet them at the war meeting in a few hours....

I got to my aunts room... to see the blood. I got to her side, and knelt beside her. "Aunt...Mani....?"

I heard my grandmother, the lady galadriel order me to attend the war meeting with legolas, my grandfather celeborn, and the others; but to dare not speak a word. Apparently the amazon woman galatea attempted to kill my aunt.

I went down the hall...only to see my sister, Arwen Undomiel walking to me. She saw my anger, and asked me, "Mani, gwanur...?"

I sighed, and placed my hand on hers holding my cheek, "See to our aunt for me... help with Altien and Estel... you will see when you get there...."

Her eyes went wide, seeing my heart....and with a nod, she ran down the hall.

I Walked into the war meeting, and bowed to my grandfather. I felt my heart sink. I felt terrible.. but determined, I would not allow this to go on.

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A good thing.... and yet how could this happen.... [25 Jan 2003|07:05pm]

[ mood | Betrayed ]

The birth was the most painful thing i had ever experienced in my entire life. I felt as if my stomach was tortured by a balrog....my entrails being ripped apart by claws... but the pain and everything was well worth it... for my two children....Altimë, my daughter.. and Estel... my son. They are my pride and joy.. I never felt more protective and loving of them than i do now...

My husband was holding Estel, rocking him gently, then when he laid him down next to his sister, he came to my bedside to kiss my forehead. "Thank you melithril." he whispered quietly to me."

I blinked quietly, surprise filling my eyes, "What do you mean melamin?" I asked him softly as I put a blanket over Altime and Estel; looking up at him with surprise.

He sat next to my bedside, and with the most passion and caring i had ever felt in his kiss, he leaned over and kissed me softly. "You gave me everything i could ever have wanted... I wanted to say thank you..."

I felt my mind was abuzz with emotion as i smiled, "Go... you have a meeting with haldir and my father..." I reminded him quietly, "We have much to discuss about the coming war...."

Legolas sighs, "Yes.. I know. I shall have guards posted at the doors.... and i will return as fast as possible..." he kissed me deeply again as he gazed deep into my eyes, "Amin mela lle... melithril...." he told me softly.

I smiled, pushing him out the door, "I will not deal with you being late and angering my father... " and just before he left, I yelled out, "Amin mela lle melamin...." I watched him blow me a kiss as he left.

As I was sitting around... I looked and saw Galatea come to my room. She did not open the door, but i could feel her outside of it. “Mani? Tula..” Vorladien’s still slightly exhausted voice calls out, bidding Galatea into the room, benighted to the danger lingering so close to her.

Wiping a smirk off her lips at Legolas not being present, Galatea slowly enters the room, closing the door behind her and smiling warmly.

"Vedui', mellonamin.”

A light smile plays at Vorladien’s features as she motions for Galatea to come sit beside her on the bed. “What brings you here to fair Lórien, arwenamin?” I asked curiously, for I did not know that it would be that soon before she came to see me....

Stifling the urge to bring out both daggers and rip them through my pale skin, I could see Galatea merely shifts her glance around the room, I could see she could not see my children...

“Simply to check in on you, pen neth.”

Something about her all too coy words and shifty personality bring me to inch backward slowly in her bed, staring hard at the woman before her. There was something else that seemed....wrong about her... something....dark.

A light movement from one of the children causes Galatea to rapidly look in their direction, and I could see that she was not breathing for a moments time. Turning around and kneeling beside the cradles, she smiles tenderly at the twins and then to Vorladien who seems to relax finally.

Galatea resumes her sitting position on the bed after a moment, touching a gentle hand to Vorladien’s face and trailing it down to her neck, gripping it tightly in one swift choke.

“Mani nae la umien!?” Her gaze is fierce, holding Vorladien tightly as she struggles ineffectively. "Letting that man corrupt you like this!!"

I felt my voice begin to choke as i gripped her hand around my throat, “Tampa!! Tanya awra!! Saes!” I pleaded with her, when she finally loosened her hold on my neck, I stopped as I punched her to let me go, and tried to move for the door.

Quickly unsheathing a dagger from one boot, Galatea’s façade vanishes, giving way to her feral, violent nature. My eyes were wide in shock, but upset in seeing that she was taking this path of way....

Having heard the commotion, a guard opened the door lightly, peeking around the corner, “Arwenami—Mani?!” Latching onto Galatea from behind and grasping her in a choke, he looked to me, his eyes full of shock and surprise."Arwenamin, Are you all right?"

Uuma dela; I am fine.” I told the guard... rubbing my neck in a slight pain.

I looked to Galatea, my eyes full of pity and sorrow. “I thought you had changed, wethrinaer, but I was proven wrong.”

Her gaze turns back to the guard, speaking slowly, her strength drained, “Sana he.” I heard her choke out...

Snarling to the command, Galatea gives a final struggle from the choke, bending down and grasping the dagger, thrusting it forward into my thigh with a wicked glare. I couldnt stop feeling the pain like the arrow in my ankle as she tore a wicked gash in my leg.

Reacting quickly, the guard grabbed Galatea by the back of her neck, pulling her up and thrusting his own dagger into the back of her arm, pulling her out of the room and biding another guard to fetch help for me...

I stumbled on my bed, the blood oozing deeply out of my leg and onto my bed sheets, My babies were crying, but my leg hurt too much to do anything and walk...

My mother rushed into the room, and to my side. "My daughter...." was all she could say, her eyes held just the slightest amount of worry and pain.

I felt my voice weak from Galatea trying to choke me, and my bloodloss as it stained our bedsheets. "Forgive me mother... I had not known she would turn....." I whispered softly.

My mother shook her head, and ordering maidens to take care of the children... she healed my leg with the prayers of old.. and my wound grew to a lesser one, as we bandaged my leg.

Erestor, who had always taken such a protective stance for me.. staying in Lorien thanks to his mothers worry for me rushed into the room, "Arwenamin...Mani...?!?" he said worried and in a rush.

Galadriel stopped him, "She is all right child... go to the war meeting....pretend as if nothing happened... and tell nothing of this to any of them... especially her husband... we shall deal with this later."

Erestor looked at me with worry, but i shook my head, "Listen to her lady-ship my nephew... for I shall be all right." I kissed his forehead. "Now Go."

Erestor nodded and left in a rush. I sighed. What would my father do or say... more importantly.. what will my husband wish to do to galatea after this....

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[24 Jan 2003|12:51am]

[ mood | calm ]

This evening brought joy and sorrow to our fair woods.

Vorladien has bore her children. Legolas and Vorladien now have a son and daughter to look after. Arwen had come to fetch me to help with the birthing. I had not liked to see my daughter in pain but there was nothing I could about that right at the moment. Arwen and Aragorn I had asked to take leave of her room while I helped my daughter.

A mother's love was that which helped my daughter bring her children into our world has my mother's love had helped bring her in.

It did not take long for both her son and daughter to enter the world. She was weak but slept for a day only waking up to feed the twins then quickly returned to sleep.

During that time there was a shadow on my mind that something was to happen later the day she woke. I could not tell but I felt the shadow. I went quickly to gaze upon my mirror, in it I saw Vorladien being injured. Unfortunetly I did not see it soon enough. For one of the Amazonian Elves managed to creep into the woods of Lorien and entered my daughters chamber. The children were sleeping and Vorladien was stabbed by a dagger in the thigh. I rushed to her aide as soon as I was made aware by the gaurd.

"Vorladien....." I said reaching her side on the bed.

"Forgive me mother for I did not know." she said softly wincing with pain.

I immediately set to work. I placed my hand on the wound that had been inflicted upon her leg and said a silent prayer asking for her to be healed. Slowly the wound faded but time will only hide the marks it has left inside.

I fear this is not the end of what Thranduil will try. There will be more. I feel the bloodshed that has been will not be the end. I only hope my dear Celeborn and Haldir will be able to help Lorien and save our fair woods. I have yet to make my travels to speak with him myself. Both Vorladien and my husband have refused to let me go but I shall plan to leave shortly now that Vorladien has had her children and will not be in need of me for that the time is finally right for me to leave and speak with him and try to get him to obolish this foolish idea of war on his fellow elves.

I remain Galadriel, Lady of Lorien.

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"Deceit.." Part Two [23 Jan 2003|08:34pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Suppressing the visible hatred and blood-lust in her person, Galatea takes on the enchanting form Vorladien had last seen her in as she strides haughtily into Caras Galadhon. A false smile graces her lips and her figure is alight with the waning light of Anar, giving her a softly golden tint.

Her notorious reputation proves true as she receives narrow-eyed glances from many a member of the tranquil society, doing her best to deceive them with a charming façade.

Pausing slightly outside Vorladien and Legolas’ chamber, she straightens her posture, inhaling the sweet air deeply, holding it in and rapping as gently as possible on the chamber’s door.

“Mani? Tula..” Vorladien’s still slightly exhausted voice calls out, bidding Galatea into the room, benighted to the danger lingering so close to her.

Wiping a smirk off her lips at Legolas not being present, Galatea slowly enters the room, closing the door behind her and smiling warmly.

"Vedui', mellonamin.”

A light smile plays at Vorladien’s features as she motions for Galatea to come sit beside her on the bed. “What brings you here to fair Lórien, arwenamin?

Stifling the urge to bring out both daggers and rip them through Vorladien’s pale skin, Galatea merely shifts her glance around the room, blind to the two children not too far away.

“Simply to check in on you, pen neth.

Something about her all too coy words and shifty personality bring Vorladien to inch backward slowly in her bed, staring hard at the woman before her.

A light movement from one of the children causes Galatea to rapidly look in their direction, her breath imprisoned a moment. Turning around and kneeling beside the cradles, she smiles tenderly at the twins and then to Vorladien who seems to relax finally.

Galatea resumes her sitting position on the bed after a moment, touching a gentle hand to Vorladien’s face and trailing it down to her neck, gripping it tightly in one swift choke.

“Mani nae la umien!?” Her gaze is fierce, holding Vorladien tightly as she struggles ineffectively. "Letting that man corrupt you like this!!"

“Tampa!! Tanya awra!! Saes!” She pleads with Galatea, eventually being let up and dispatching a punch to Galatea’s face at that moment, sending her back.

Quickly unsheathing a dagger from one boot, Galatea’s façade vanishes, giving way to her feral, violent nature.

Having heard the commotion, a guard opens the door lightly, peeking around the corner, “Arwenami—Mani?!”? Latching onto Galatea from behind and grasping her in a choke, he looks at Vorladien, shocked.

Uuma dela; I am fine.”

She looks to Galatea. “I thought you had changed, wethrinaer, but I was proven wrong.”

Her gaze turns back to the guard, speaking slowly, her strength drained, “Sana he.”

Snarling to the command, Galatea gives a final struggle from the choke, bending down and grasping the dagger, thrusting it forward into Vorladien’s thigh with a wicked glare.

Reacting quickly, the guard grabs Galatea by the back of her neck, pulling her up and thrusting his own dagger into the back of her arm, pulling her out of the room and biding another guard to fetch help for the Light...

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