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Chasing a Dream

I awoke that night in a cold terror. Was my mind playing a joke on me,or was this serious. I dared not take any chances. I leapt from bed the horrifying images playing over and over in my mind. How could it be? Legolas and Thranduil together? A father and son torn apart by true love now re-united?

'No...something is wrong here...' I muttered that phrase to myself over and over in the dark as I hastily put on my riding dress.

By dawn I had slipped out of the house and was riding into the dense woods, with only my intuition guiding me. If what I had dreamt was truth then I had to get to Mirkwood and find Legolas before it was too late.
As the sun rose over the trees my methril bracelet glinted in the light and I prayed that Luthien could help me decipher what my sub-concious was trying to tell me.
My sense of urgency grew as the day wore on...something was comming or had already happened, that feeling of confusion overwhelmed me as I stopped by a crystal stream for a rest.
Suddenly the images flicked through my mind again..
Legolas and Thranduil standing at odds..
then heading together to Mirkwood.
It hadn't been long ago that they were here and I knew I was on the right track....
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