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A Father's Love

I walked along the Anduin again, once more trekking towards Mirkwood, my mind filled with guilt and anguish. How could I leave my wife there when I promised her I would stay? How could I be so selfish? I couldn't turn back now and not be called a coward for the rest of my life, but at this point, what did I care about what "title" I was given? What did it matter anymore?

Sighing, I sit at the edge of the water and looked out, my daggers clutched tightly in my hand. Everything was still, quiet...for a moment...

Soon, I heard the trotting of three horses coming up behind me. They were quite near and as I sat I poised waiting. The sound of footsteps dismounting from their horses and soft marching towards me... Still, I waited, until the moment when I felt that the time was right, then I swiftly whipped back my arm. "Honestly you didn't think you could sneak up on an el-" My words were interrupted as my slice was blocked by a crystal-clear clang of a sword. Slowly I turned around, sensing the worst, turned around...

To see the smirking face of my father.

"Hello, Son..."

I said nothing, just held my daggers in defensive. There were two guards with him, both who seemed uninterested in what was going on. My father didn't want to fight, I could tell.

"Thranduil.. What do you want?" I hissed.

"I could ask you the same thing, Legolas. This is not your territory"

I narrowed my eyes and looked into his. "I know this..." was all I could manage to say.

He looked me over, studying my face, then slowly let down his sword, sheathing it. Seeing that I was not moving, he started laughing in a manner that resembled me in more ways than I could imagine. "Come now, my child, I mean you no harm! Now, let down your weapons and we shall discuss things."

I don't know what it was about him, but he seemed different to me, more familiar, and a sudden feeling of guilt. It was then that I realized that I missed my father, missed his love, his faith in me. I felt like a lost child, crying out for his parents, not know where to go or where to look to find them. I put the daggers back in it's sheaths and slowly approached my father.

"Now, Legolas, why is it that you have returned?"

"I..." I looked down at the grass for a moment then back up. "I... I wanted to join you..."

My father's face suddenly went from solemn to proud. His large blue eyes lit up and he held his hand to me. "Oh, Son, I knew you would come to your senses eventually! Of course, join us and we shall give the Rats of Lothlorien a taste of our strength! Welcome home, Legolas!" And with that he hugged me, tightly, lovingly, but my mind was not at ease.

What did I just say?!

"Father... Please don't hurt her..." I squeaked.

He pulled away from me and gazed at me in confusion. "Hurt who?"

" wife... my children... Don't hurt them...." My stomach turned in my stomach and I looked away, not sure of exactly what I was doing or why I was doing it.

My father gave no answer and merely patted me on the shoulder. "We will have plenty of time to discuss these matters. Now, come... Your old chamber awaits..."
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