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There is a change in the air and I fear it is not for the better.

Vorladien and Legolas are well and so are the children. I have not seen nor spoken with my dear Celeborn. I do hope he is well. Celeborn has been distant. He is constantly worrying about Thranduil and his war. I do not know if he has seen nor is aware of his grandchildren as of yet. Though he is worried about his Daughters, he is more worried that our woods do not fall.

I fear our land may be at risk. We need to be strong. The woods and people of Lothlorien need to hold strong now more than ever.

I feel Thranduil is planning something big. The gaurds are working harder along the borders of our land to protect it. May the grace of the Valor protect us all. I have faith in our gaurds under the fine leadership of Haldir. I know his men shall protect us. They shall not fail. I wish Vorladien and the children and Arwen would leave and go to Rivendell but I know they will not. Vorladien shall not leave Legolas and Legolas shall not leave. He will help protect our woods.

I still believe there is some good in Thranduil and if I could only speak with him he would see that this is not the way to do things. I think I shall prepare to leave shortly within the next day or so. Vorladien is well again, the children are born and helathy. Now is the time for me to speak with Thranduil to make him understand.
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