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How can things happen... Why is the Light at Risk...

I have been in Lorien since my Aunt has returned. It was the request of my mother to stay here... in case anything were to happen with her. I know she wished to return to Imladris to spend time with my father... and I Can understand. I owe my life to my aunt... and i will not leave her side at a time like this.

I spent quite a bit of time in the forests with Rumil, Orophin and Haldir; discussing about the safety of the light. And I told the three of the twins birth.

It was the first time I had seen Haldir smile in centuries. "I see...when i am relieved of my watch.. I shall have to see her and the children..."

I had to bring myself to give a slight chide, "Then you will behave around Legolas then, am I right?"

I saw his face go stone cold again, but sighs, "He is not his father... but it does not mean i have to completely like and agree with him..." he said in defense.

I laughed. I knew of the relationship of Glorfindel and Haldir. I knew that he would be ashamed if i were to mention it... but I decided not to say anything.

I felt a stabbing pain hit my heart... the fear and anger was echoing through the trees.

Haldir was the second to feel it as well, then Rumil and orophin... I bid them all to stay here... and i took off for the castle. I yelled i would meet them at the war meeting in a few hours....

I got to my aunts room... to see the blood. I got to her side, and knelt beside her. "Aunt...Mani....?"

I heard my grandmother, the lady galadriel order me to attend the war meeting with legolas, my grandfather celeborn, and the others; but to dare not speak a word. Apparently the amazon woman galatea attempted to kill my aunt.

I went down the hall...only to see my sister, Arwen Undomiel walking to me. She saw my anger, and asked me, "Mani, gwanur...?"

I sighed, and placed my hand on hers holding my cheek, "See to our aunt for me... help with Altien and Estel... you will see when you get there...."

Her eyes went wide, seeing my heart....and with a nod, she ran down the hall.

I Walked into the war meeting, and bowed to my grandfather. I felt my heart sink. I felt terrible.. but determined, I would not allow this to go on.
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